LIVE MEMBERSHIP includes Intuitive Yoga Flow, Plant based Keto talk, recipes and food facts, all through Zoom LIVE sessions and a closed Facebook member area.

Everyone is intuitive. It’s just a matter of finding the confidence to trust it. Intuition is a feeling of being drawn to something that is in our best interest even when our conscious mind wants to resist it.

Intuitive Yoga Flow emphasizes moving energy through the spine and shoulders to recharge the central nervous system and deeply ground us. From that stability, and by using the breath, we are able to get in a Flow, where we connect with, and trust our intuition.

Intuitive Keto Lifestyle Talk inspires you to turn your body from a sugar burning, to a fat burning machine. But also to give yourself time, space, awareness, and knowledge, to create your own personalized high fat, low carb, Ketogenic lifestyle.

As a member, you have access to all the past and future LIVE classes. We can interact with each other to stay motivated as an enjoyable, blissful, and healing movement.

1 Month LIVE membership now >> €15

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