With a little creativity, almost anything can be re-made into a low-carb version of itself that tastes just as good, if not better, than the original. And usually, the remake is healthier too, and full of “real-food” ingredients. This 5 Minute Low Carb Mixed Berry Soft Serve Nice Cream is the perfect example of that!

Frozen fruit is the secret ingredient that lets us blend up ice cream almost instantly! Frozen bananas are a popular choice for making a quick ice cream-like treat, but I love using berries to keep it lower in carbs to stay in Keto.

This messy Nice Cream uses frozen berries as the base, and is blended up with 1 scoop of clean Pea protein and some Coconut/Almond milk for a texture that’s rich and creamy just like the real thing(You can use Stevia as an extra sweetener).

Last but not least, MESS-IT-UP!! Use whatever Keto friendly topping you like. I did mine with coconut shavings, cacao nibs and 3 tsp of melted almond butter.

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