Heal the body, mind, gut and environment from a lifestyle we used to live in the poisoning and harmful sugar, meat and dairy industry. Get off the addiction by using Ketones(fat) as your first energy source. A long-lasting quality energy source that takes away hunger, cravings, stress and inflammation that leads to many dis-eases these days. Aim for healthy gut and body metabolism, in a healthy environment, more clarity, and less food consumption for a better future!

The PURE Keto lifestyle plan is plant-based, and therefore a more sustainable and healthy way of living in the long run, compared to the traditional Keto plan, that thrives on lots of animal fats and protein, that often promotes inflammation. “Health” means taking care of ourselves and the environment in any kind of way, Being aware of the quality is just as important as the quantity of the things we have to face with these days. The most beautiful part of this plan is that eventually, you will experience a healthier relationship with food because emotions, hunger and cravings are under control.

I am very excited for the possibility to bring the Keto Detox Plan online, and I want you to be as excited as I am, so you can pass your experience, awareness, joy and happiness on wherever you go.

The PURE KETO DETOX PLAN will get you in “Ketosis” fast. The fat burning and inflammatory fighting machine is waiting for you!

The 2~week program includes:

  • Introduction to the Pure Keto Detox plan
  • Keto Detox meal plan with 25 easy, anti inflammatory and delicious recipes
  • Shopping list
  • Healing powers of herbs and spices
  • Introduction to the intermittent fasting regime 16/8
  • Online PT intro session (30min), where we will go through personal adjustments, movements, tips and tricks. (Personalized Keto Detox)
  • Online PT evaluation session(30min), where we will go through the personal challenges you were facing during the PK plan, to make it even more sustainable.(Personalized Keto Detox)
  • Daily WhatsApp audio coaching and nutritional inspiration
  • By following the Online Keto Detox plan, you will become a member of the Pure Body Movement. By being a member and a lean, green FAT burning machine, you will enjoy all the benefits and discounts around the Pure Keto Lifestyle and upcoming events.

It will take approximately two months to be fully “fat-adapted”. That means your body is used to the fat-burning metabolism. From that moment you can easily cycle with healthy fibrous carbs. The longer period your body is fat-adapted, the easier it is to get back from glucose to fat-burning state. It’s the moment you can make it a lifestyle.

To stay inspired, motivated and on track, there is a possibility to use ONLINE PT SESSIONS, where I will be guiding you through personalized Intuitive movements and this fantastic way of living.

Be aware that starting a lifestyle plan can be an investment first, but once in Ketosis and get the movements going, you will experience less hunger, consumption and a different relationship with nutrition, yourself and the environment. Being dedicated and willing to make this lifestyle change, leads you to personal growth, awareness, self love and a better future for everybody.


  • Pure Keto Detox plan: €25
  • 2-week Group Keto Detox: €100
  • 2-week Personalized Keto Detox: €200
  • Online Personal coaching in nutrition and movement: €60 / members €40
  • Online Personal coaching in nutrition and movement 10x: €500 / members €300